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Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Things Learned from a Baseball Game

My hubby and I at a
Philadelphia Phillies baseball game.
June 19, 2010
For our anniversary weekend my husband surprised me with Philadelphia Phillies tickets two Saturdays ago. Though the Phillies lost to the Minnesota Twins, the game was terrific! It was so exciting! It went into extra innings, there were home runs in nearly every inning, and the boys made some amazing plays all over the field. It was fun! We definitely got our money’s Werth for our fantastic seats. 
There were two things that stuck out to me most (well, three, counting Jayson Werth!). Here’s the first thing: Phillies were leading 4-9 by the top of the ninth. They had just half an inning to get through and they would’ve won. But the Twins got five runs and tied it! The Phillies couldn't answer, and the game went into extra innings. Top of tenth inning, Twins hit a home run. Bottom, Phillies hit a home run. Tied again. Finally, the Phillies lost 13-10 in the eleventh inning.
Phillies right fielder
Jayson Werth
Games like this show it’s never over until it’s over. Sports players know this, and writers should remember this, too. No matter how despairing the process may be and how much you want to quit, as long as you can write and think and ask questions, it’s not over
The second thing that stuck out to me was when a former Phillies player who now plays for the Twins came up to bat and all the Phillies fans stood up and applauded him. Then he hit a home run, and the fans remained standing and cheering for him as he jogged around the bases. It was an extraordinary moment of support and excellent sportsmanship. Philadelphia fans get such a bad reputation because a group of idiots always ruin it for everyone else, so I was really glad to witness this. Then at the end of the game, we phans cheered loudly for our boys’ effort and also applauded the Twins’ comeback.
It’s like this in writing, too. Some of us write fiction, some write memoirs. Some of us write paranormal YA, some write legal thrillers. Some if us write short stories, some of us write 500,000 word novels. No matter what it is we write, the point is we’re all writers working towards similar goals. There’s no need to put each other down or feel envious of another’s success. Such actions won’t get you that agent or book deal.
Jayson Werth
A fun baseball game reminded me of two important things: support the other players, both on your team and on the opposing, and never, ever give up.

Share with me!
What are your stories of writerly support and moments when you wanted to give up because you thought all was lost, but keeping on got you what you wanted?


Laura Pauling said...

Glad you enjoyed the Phillies game. And all great points about supporting each other and cheering each other one!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Aww..that must have been so nice to see. I agree that writers are a lot like that, too. I see it all over the blogosphere with all us writers supporting and cheering one another through the ups and the downs. :)

Faith E. Hough said...

Hehe, I like baseball. It can be used in analogies so many ways. :)
My critique groups are always sensational support for me. I don't know what I'd do without my critique friends!

Saumya said...

You are so right about writers needing to support each other. I feel like blogging has shown me how supportive and encouraging writers can be to one another! Glad you had fun..that was so sweet of him to surprise you :) You guys look too cute!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

We used to go to ballgames often when we lived in the Chicago (go Cubbies!) and attend a few preseason games now that we’re in Florida. They're a fun way to pass the afternoon. Though when they go into extra innings I begin cheering for a team to score, any team. as I’m usually ready to go by that point!)

I enjoy blogging for the wonderful information so many authors are willing to share, and in the process I’ve been introduced to good books that I may have never have read otherwise.

Jemi Fraser said...

Love that display of sportsmanship!

I think my favourite sportsmanship moment was that girl's college (I think) baseball game a year or 2 ago. The girl wrecked her knee in her last game after she hit a home run. It wouldn't count unless she rounded the bases. 2 girls from the other team carried her around the bases. I still get teary thinking about it!

kimberlyloomis said...

Wonderful and uplifting post! I have yet to fully persevere to getting what I want through writing, but I can say after many rejections by agents on my first manuscript I'm still writing and working on something completely different - and this time I really believe in it. The support I've gotten from crit partners or writerly friends has been stellar. To be honest, I'm quite grateful for them and will forever cheer them on as well. :)

catwoods said...

Jemi--I totally teared up thinking about that one. That was incredible.

Laura--thanks for the reminder. We have nothing to gain by undermining others and everything to win by supporting them. I love the strength of the writing community.

Laura Marcella said...

Laura- Thanks. It was a lot of fun!

Jennifer- I see it all over the blogosphere, too. It's wonderful to know most people really are supportive and kind! Only a few do not, but those few can ruin it for everyone.

Faith- That's wonderful! Critique buddies are always great to have.

Saumya- Writers as a whole are a supportive and encouraging group! It's wonderful to be a part of it.

Jane- I also love blogging for those reasons! It's fantastic that everyone is so willing to share what they've learned and give others nudge in the right direction without expecting anything in return!

Jemi- Awww, that's so awesome! That's true teamwork. Reminds me of that British runner, Derek Redmond, who tore his hamstring in the middle of a final race at the 1992 Olympics. He was determined to cross the finish line and his father ran out of the stands to help him finish the race.

Kimberly- Writer friends can be the boost we need to keep on going! Even non-writer friends and family, the ones who know how hard we work and cheer us on!

Cat- Absolutely! Negativity gains nothing but a sour outlook. I appreciate the strength of the writing community as well!