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to the things you might know, depending how far beyond Zebra you go! {Dr. Seuss}

Friday, January 20, 2012

Overheard in the Bookstore

I’ve happily spent my bookstore gift cards from Christmas and bought a wonderful pile of new books. While browsing the bookstore, this is what I overheard:
Two teenage girls in the YA aisle:
1st girl: “I can’t wait to get home and read all these!”
2nd girl: “I could just read all the time, all day.”
1st girl: “I just looooove bookstores and libraries.”
2nd girl: “I could sooooo live in a library.”
Girl (age guess: 5) with brother (age guess: 8) and dad in middle-grade section:
Girl: “I want these! Please?” (I don’t know which books she was pointing to.)
Dad: “They’re a little too old for you.”
Brother: “You can’t read much anyway.”
Girl: “I can learn more!”
Brother: “I could read them to her, Dad.”
Dad: “You can get them when you’re a little older, honey.”
Girl: “Harumph. I can read some old words.”
Boy (age guess: 4) with dad walking by the DVD aisle:
Boy: “Are we in a movie store?”
Dad: “This is a bookstore.”
Boy: “Oh. We’re at the library? It looks different.”
Dad, chuckling: “No, at the library we borrow books and have to return them so other people can borrow them, too. At a bookstore we buy books and get to keep them.”
Boy: “Wow! I like bookstores. What are you buying me?”
I love it that with all the rage over eBooks, young people are still embracing ink and paper books and are enthusiastic about reading the old-fashioned way!
Have you overheard any funny conversations at the bookstore or library recently? Please share!
Have a wonderful weekend, Zigzaggers! Be sure to make time to read for yourself or read aloud to the children in your life!


Bluestocking said...

I love all of these conversations! Better than the ones I usually hear about how people can't find what they're looking for or asking clerks to find the latest bestseller that's right on the rack next to them or something.

"I can read some old words." Is my fav though...

Meika said...

I love that little girl! And her brother was so sweet to offer to read to her!

DL Hammons said...

If I have nothing else to do...even if my wallet is empty...I'll go hang out in the bookstore. The conversations you overheard were precious, and confirmed something for me. I'm still a kid!! :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Those are cute!

Sadly, you know what I used to hear all the time when I did book signings? Someone eagerly going in looking for a book with a friend behind her/him proudly declaring they hadn't read a book in years.

Rachna Chhabria said...

I love visiting bookstores, but have never except one instance, overheard people talking there.

Jessica Bell said...

Oh wow! This is so wonderful. I don't think anyone has really forgotten the print book. I just think it's the media making us think everybody has in order to try and make ebooks dominate the industry due to the industry's own financial motives. That's my theory anyway :)

Jenny S. Morris said...

SO cute. My 4 year old has a hard time understanding borrowing books from the library. He wants them to be his.

Krista said...

I have given you an award on my blog. Congrats!

Saumya said...

Aw, all of these are so cute! Love them and can admit that I overhear conversations all the time.

Stephanie said...

SUCH great things to overhear!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Tara Tyler said...

wonderful to hear those conversations!

was in line at panera today and got in conversation with sweet older lady in front of me. we lamented the loss of our borders bookstore next door, i miss it!

hav a fab wknd!

mish said...

Love the conversations with the little boy/little girl... out of the mouth of babes...
I'm a die-hard library/bookstore fan!

LD Masterson said...

Love these conversations. I'm a diehard bookstore fan.

Margo Berendsen said...

Oh this is wonderful!!! I loved all three conversations. Kids are adorable - "some old words" - "what are you buying me?"

For some funny reason that third conversation reminded me of the day I discovered my uncle OWNED the bakery that my cousins and I used to help out in. Which meant I could pretty much eat ANYTHING I wanted!

Laura Marcella said...

Bluestocking- I liked that one too! That little girl was so cute. I wish I could've seen which books she was pointing to.

Meika- I know wasn't that sweet? Such a good big brother!

DL- I really think we're all just kids in adult bodies!

Diane- That's too bad! I'm usually wary of a person who hasn't a book in years, haha.

Rachna- No? People are always chatting in my bookstore, especially in the kids section.

Jessica- That's a great theory and I hope it's true!!

Jenny- LoL, I can understand how it would be difficult to understand for little kids when they're so used to going to stores and buying things.

Krista- I saw it yesterday! Thank you so much!!

Saumya- Eavesdropping is great for story ideas or character ideas!

Stephanie- Yea, it was fun! People are usually nice and the conversations pleasant in bookstores.

Tara- Awww, yea I miss my Borders too :( We got a Books•A•Million in place of it, though, so I'm happy about that!

Mish- Oooo, me too!! Best places ever!

Linda- That's what I like to hear!!

Margo- I know, weren't they so cute?! That is awesome!! I bet that was a great day for you! Gosh, a bakery is one of the best things for a family member to own especially when you're a kid. Too cool!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

My favorite is the little girl who just wants to be old enough to read those books for big girls. I wonder what attracted her to that particular book? :) I find hope in this, too. Thanks Laura!

Medeia Sharif said...

I love these conversations. It really shows a love for books and reading. I've never heard anything that interesting while in a bookstore.

Have a great week.

Laura Marcella said...

Roxane- I know she was so cute! I hope she remembers those books she wanted and reads them in a couple years.

Medeia- I hear all kinds of things in my bookstores. People in my town are loquacious!

Susanne Drazic said...

What fun coversations, about books, to overhear. Think I need to go and check out my local bookstore.
: )

Naina Gupta said...

awww I love that last one. Teaching kids all about the wonder of the bookstore.

Laura Marcella said...

Susanna- You should! It's great for people watching/eavesdropping. :)

Naina- I know, those kids were so adorable! I hope those kids always hold their fascinations with bookstores and libraries.