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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday's Writing Workout!

Ana Porgras (Romania)

On the weekends, prompts keep my creativity warmed up so I don’t “pull a muscle” on Monday morning. During the week, prompts jump-start my writing routine. Consider using your own characters and settings for these prompts. You might come up with dazzling new ideas for your WiP! All you’ll need for these exercises is your writing materials and an open mind. Remember to drink lots of water and stretch!
Start it up!
Exercise 1
Author R.L. Stine’s first job after college was writing fake celebrity interviews for fan magazines. Imagine you get to interview either your favorite or your least favorite celebrity. How might that interview go? Write it!
Ramp it up! 
Exercise 2
Write about a lie you have told, big or small. Did you ’fess up or do you still have yet to do so? Were you caught in the lie? What were the consequences? (Can you work this into your current wip somehow?)
Burn it up!
Exercise 3: from Writer’s Digest
A close friend asks you to help him kill his wife and, to his surprise, you agree without hesitation–not because you particularly dislike his wife, but because she's the only person who knows this one deep, dark secret that could ruin your life forever. Write about how you confront her and how the murder plays out.
Every Wednesday I post prompts and exercises for your “writing workout” so keep checking back! Happy writing!!!


Kyra Lennon said...

I actually got to interview my favourite celebrity once, so I'll skip that one lol! ;)

These prompts are cool, much more interesting than the others I've seen online!

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

That Exercise #3 is a good one! A whole story is just lurking there...

And, of course, my mind went right to horror, suspense, etc. but the story could actually go the humorous route - if written by someone other than myself. :)

Stina Lindenblatt said...

The going for the burn one could open up all kinds of interesting ideas. I'd be afraid what I'd come up with. I'm a Criminal Minds junkie. Nuff said. ;)

Journaling Woman said...

I love RL Stine and I love these prompts.


Julie Dao said...

Hahah love the tidbit about R.L. Stine! You gotta start somewhere right? And now I want to read the Choose Your Own Goosebumps books again. Great workouts as always, Laura... my muscles are tight from not writing for a few days *blush*

Shelley Sly said...

I love that first one! Seriously considering writing a few fake celebrity interviews when I'm feeling rusty and need something to get me writing.

BellaVida Letty said...

These are so great. That first one is hilarious.

Clarissa Draper said...

Oh, write a murder mystery! Nice.

Laurel Garver said...

The fake celebrity interviews is hilarious! I've often wondered how the fan zines managed to get busy actors to give them the time.

shelly said...

Well, I don't have time to really play. But a lie is something like a flesh-eating-bacteria. It continues to get bigger and spreads.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Like the wednesday work-out a lot. They are great prompts.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Like the wednesday work-out a lot. They are great prompts.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Whoa. Writing fake celebrity interviews is an actual job? How fun is that?

MTeacress said...

I didn't know those celebrity interviews were fake. I feel gipped. *kidding* How do you spell gipped? jipped?

LD Masterson said...

Oh, number three. I like number three. My mind is racing already.

Summer Ross said...

That last one is a true killer! thanks for posting.

Laura Marcella said...

Kyra- Ooo, that’s so cool! Who was the celebrity?? I’m glad you like the prompts!

Madeline- Absolutely! Just because a story is about murder doesn’t mean it must be a thriller or scary.

Stina- I’m pretty sure #3 is going to be the favorite in this bunch! I thought it sounded fascinating and had to include it because I know many of my blog buddies are mystery or crime writers.

Teresa- R.L. Stine is so great! I got the idea for exercise #1 from reading an interview with him.

Julie- I’d love a job like that! It sounds like so much fun.

Shelley- Do it! Who knows, you might get a novel idea from it!!

Bella- Thanks! I’m glad you like them!

Clarissa- I knew you’d like that one!!

Laurel- Apparently not every interview you read is true!! Which explains all the contradictory information you hear in the media among celebrities, LoL.

Shelly- Five minutes! That’s all you need to do a writing prompt. :) And who knows what will come out of it? Perhaps a dazzling new idea or character for your wip!!

Rachna- Thanks! I’m glad you like them. :)

Jennifer- I knoooow! I definitely wouldn’t mind having that job!

Michelle- LoL, that sure does explain all the contradictory information you hear in the media among celebrities!

LD- It seems to be the favorite in this bunch! Good luck and have fun with it!!

Summer- I know, isn’t it great? Writer’s Digest often has fantastic prompts!