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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday's Writing Workout!

McKayla Maroney (USA)

On the weekends, prompts keep my creativity warmed up so I don’t “pull a muscle” on Monday morning. During the week, prompts jump-start my writing routine. Consider using your own characters and settings for these prompts. You might come up with dazzling new ideas for your WiP! All you’ll need for these exercises is your writing materials and an open mind. Remember to drink lots of water and stretch!

Start it up!
Exercise 1
You may think you know your neighbors well, but you never can tell what’s going on behind closed doors. Write a story in which the people you thought you knew are not what they seem (either in a good or bad way).

Ramp it up! 
Exercise 2
Write a flash fiction story about a moment from your childhood that seemed awful at the time but has changed your life for the better.

Burn it up!
Exercise 3: from Writer’s Digest
Your best friend from college has invited you to his [or her] wedding. You haven't seen him [or her] for years, so you're excited to catch up. But when you arrive at the wedding, you discover that your best friend's bride [or groom] is someone from your past–and you realize you must stop the wedding at all costs.

Cool it down. 
Exercise 4
Write six ways to describe the smell of autumn leaves.

Every Wednesday I post prompts and exercises for your “writing workout” so keep checking back! Happy writing!!!


SA Larsenッ said...

Flash fiction is one of the best ways to churn those creative juices and uncover a hidden story within ourselves. Great advice!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I don't know where/how you come up with these Wednesday prompts, Laura, but they're always SO GOOD! Thanks :)

Jasmyne Wright said...

My sister, Mckayla, goes to Kay-Larks.
She is a big fan of McKayla Maroney!
For gymnastic reasons, and because Of McKayla Maroney's first name.

Laura Marcella said...

Sheri- I agree! I love writing a flash fiction piece for my novels, too.

Susanna- Anyone can do it!!

Jasmyne- I'm a huge gymnastics fan! McKayla is a terrific gymnast and I hope she continues competing through the 2016 Olympics. :)